Andrew Fox-  Andrew started in the restaurant business as a dishwasher and busser at the age of 16.  At the age of 26 he opened Sly Fox Pub on Church circle in Annapolis with his brother Chris. He has worked in several restaurants and consulted on many new openings and concepts.  Andrew is a real estate professional, but views restaurants as where his heart is.  Andrew is married to Rebecca Morris Fox and has a son Samuel.   

Chris Fox- Chris started working in restaurants as a cook at the age of 18.  He soon became a bartender and traveled the United States to work in different seasonal towns. Key West,Aspen, Newport, Martha's Vineyard, Baltimore, and Washington DC are all part of Chris' travels.  Chris opened Sly Fox Pub in Annapolis with his brother in 2002.  Chris ran for mayor of Annapolis as an independent in 2009.

John Miller- John has been in the restaurant business all his life.  His father Dave Miller ran a bar in upstate new-york for 15 years as a part time gig.  His mother Pat Miller was also a waitress at the same bar part time.   In 1992 his parents open a small restaurant in upstate New York where at the age of 11 John helped in the kitchen.  At age 15 John started working on the line and also in the front of house.  John always wanted to get behind the bar and bartend as he was inspired by his father.  John moved to Maryland at the age of 21 and managed a local crab shack McNasbys in Eastport.  His first job bartending was at cafe iguana in kent island MD. John then moved to Aannapolis and started working at a local bar and in the coming years assisted multiple restaurant and night club groups in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore city with establishing new bars and lounges.  John joined Level's ownership group in 2009.. – Bio
April 5, 2012